Is there any studio etiquette that I should be aware of?

We request your co-operation with a few small codes of conduct whilst attending Yoga for Harmony

If it is your first attendance please arrive about 10 minutes before the start of class so that you can introduce yourself and make your tutor aware of any medical conditions or injuries you may have, or if you are pregnant.  Subsequent classes please aim to arrive at least 5 minutes before the class is due to begin in order to get settled, and to allow the class to start on time.
For security reasons the studio is locked once the class has started so late arrivals will need to knock to gain access.  If you arrive more that 5 minutes late you may be refused as this disturbs those already settled.

Please observe our parking requests and restrictions.  click here for details of available parking 

To maintain cleanliness we request no shoes inside the teaching space. Shoes should be left in the shoe racks provided in the lobby.

Coats and bags should be hung up and left in the lobby on the coat hooks provided, but please bring valuables into the teaching studio with you.

Please avoid wearing strong perfumes and fake tan as these can cause irritation to others, and stain the mats.

Please ensure your phone is turned off, is not set to vibrate, and is put out of sight during the class.

In order to keep the mirrors smear free and clean for the next class, please do not use them as a prop for your practice unless the tutor specifically suggests this.

Replace any mats and equipment used in the appropriate shelving space at the end of class.

Do not flush paper hand towel down the toilet and please switch off the light when you leave.

Please make sure you tidy up any drinks you have and please make sure you put your litter in the bin provided or take it home with you.

We try to provide a calm, quiet teaching space for the yoga classes.  Please be respectful of this and keep conversations to the minimum.

Remember to take all your belongings home with you.