Warren Hollick

Area of Expertise: Hatha Yoga as interpreted by 'The Inner Yoga Trust'

Email: warren.hollick@gmail.com

Phone: 07949 488 455

The Yoga

In my classes we will orient towards cultivating awareness of the body, breath and mind through movement, gentle breathing practices, relaxation and short periods of guided meditation. Postures will be of a slower pace with some gentle flowing sequences incorporated during the session.

My classes are open to both complete beginners and those who have already begun to explore the path of yoga.

No experience, flexibility or athletic strength needed… just a little curiosity and the wish to rediscover greater calm and clarity within oneself.

All are very welcome.

About me

Like many people I came to the practice and path of yoga much by accident. A little curiosity, a trip to a class, the passing of time and suddenly I find myself in a position of passing what’s been learned onto others.  Whilst practicing over several years I very much consider myself as a life long student and am currently completing the 500hr TT course through the Inner Yoga Trust.

“Inner yoga is movement from the core of our being. The body has the intelligence to know how it needs to move. The classical yoga postures, the asanas, are originally developed from this intelligence. The structure developed for the asanas is known as Hatha yoga. Inner yoga takes these classical asanas, together with the philosophy of yoga and its spiritual aspects and teaches them in a way that can transform the body, mind and emotions, touching the heart of our being. This teaching asks you to be open, to experiment, to practice and to take yoga into your life. When yoga is taken in this spirit it brings you the ability to remedy all sorts of imbalances in the body, mind and spirit.” (An excerpt from The Inner Yoga Trust)


The Inner Yoga Trust (500hr teacher training course) – 2019 – present

Warren Hollick