Julie Potter – Founder of Yoga for Harmony

Area of Expertise: All Areas of Hatha Yoga influenced by Vanda Scaravellin inspired tutors

Email: info@yogaforharmony.co.uk

Phone: 07828 132 091

Website: https://yogawithjuliepotter.co.uk

I began practising yoga in 1993, following the birth of my fourth daughter, an impending divorce and the end of my 12 year career in full time pub management. It started as a welcome relief from an overbusy life, but before long became a passion and the start to a new way of life.

My studies began with roots in Iyengar Yoga, and I loved the attention to alignment and the discipline of regular practise that my first tutor taught.  However, fairly soon I moved towards the idea of natural body movements,  posture work related to the natural function of the body, and the well being of the body as a whole.  I became interested in the deeper aspects of anatomy and started to understand the relevance of a whole body experience, moving away from the breaking down of the body into parts, and the idea of imitating shapes in yoga postures.

I now very much enjoy teaching people of all ages and abilities and I enjoy helping people with some of the greater physical and emotional issues that life can bring, through well studied and understood yoga movements and practises.

My teacher training was with British Wheel of Yoga and I completed the Diploma course in 2004, but began teaching as a cover tutor in 2002. It was a 500 hour, 3 year training with an additional year Foundation Course. I continue to develop and deepen my own practise and attend continuous training as I believe that experience and developing knowledge is essential to good teaching.

My personal yoga development over the last 20 years has been with teachers such as Peter Blackaby, Gary Carter, Monica Voss, which broadly speaking would be considered Scaravelli inspired.

I completed an intensive ‘Anatomy and Movement Course’ with Gary Carter in 2010. This was an exploration of the  anatomy of movement in relation to practice, movement analysis, 3-D work, and experiential anatomy. It encouraged yoga teachers to ‘see’ their students more clearly, thus helping with rehabilitative issues. The course aimed to help yoga teachers take a flexible, intelligent approach to their specific field with individual students.

In 2011, I undertook a 2 year ‘Grounded Yoga Course’ for tutors with founder members of the Association of Independent Yoga Practitioners. Peter Blackaby teaching biomechanics, Professor Peter Connolly teaching philosophy, Dr. Christine McHugh teaching homeostatic regulation through yoga, Diane Farrell teaching the psychology of the body, and Taravajra teaching mindfulness. The aim was to understand how yoga can bring productive change to the body, the mind, and the breath and improve our sense of relationship to the environment in which we find ourselves.

I draw on these trainings enormously in my own teaching today, and I continue to work with Gary and Peter on a regular basis.

As well as teaching classes at the studio I also teach at several local Health Clubs and Sports Centres. I also teach corporate classes and ‘one to ones’.

My classes are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced students. I like to create an atmosphere of dedicated practise, but in a warm and friendly atmosphere where we are able to enjoy yoga together.

The Yoga for Harmony Studio ‘evolved’ in 2006, out of a personal desire to have my own space in which to teach, but also as a business and career challenge. In the future, I hope to develop the studio into a full yoga and holistic centre.

Julie Potter