Recuperative Yoga

Recuperative Yoga or Therapeutic Yoga classes are based around the Pawanmuktasana Series of Hatha Yoga, gentle movements performed with awareness of breath designed to mobilise joints and strengthen muscles.

Adaptations of classical Asanas (postures) are also used to allow the student to mindfully explore their natural range of movement.

A typical class will incorporate movements to take the body through its full range of motion – ie: forward, backwards, twisting, side stretching with a nice relaxation at the end of class. Each student’s individual needs will be considered in making safe adaptations for them during class.

This class is suitable for anyone who wants to continue with their physiotherapy exercises after surgery or injury or to regain strength after recovering from illness (physical / mental for example arthritis, frozen shoulder, knee and hip replacements, chemotherapy, ME, MS, Parkinsons, open heart surgery, stroke, bipolar, anxiety disorders, PTSD are some of the conditions Amanda has helped people with over the years.

Of course, you don’t need to be ill or recovering to attend, if you want a friendly and welcoming gentle yoga class all are welcome.


Recuperative Yoga

    Tutors at Yoga for Harmony:

  • Amanda