Some guidelines when attending ‘in-person’ classes at Yoga for Harmony

Have a great class and always enjoy your yoga

We are all still adjusting to living with and managing the ever changing challenges of Covid-19 within the world population. I would like all of you who attend your yoga class in-person at Yoga for Harmony, to feel as comfortable at possible. So to ensure that everyone is able to benefit from their yoga, relax and enjoy the classes, I would like you to take some time and read through a few procedures I have put in place.

Yoga for Harmony has been certified by the Borough Council Environmental Health Department as having put in place all reasonable precautions to provide a Covid safe environment.

Please bring your own mat and any other equipment you might like to use. Your own water/drink and a small bag to place your personal possessions into (including coats when the weather gets a bit colder).

Please wait outside the building, socially distancing, until your tutor invites you in. Avoid arriving early.

You will need to wear a mask upon entry into the lobby where you take off your shoes and where you will sanitise your hands. Please keep it on until you have arrived in your mat space and are organised. You do not need to wear a mask during your class.

Take off your shoes and place them in the usual shoe racks.

Please come into the teaching space one at a time, and sanitise your hands before entry.

Take all you other personal possessions including coats, cardigans etc into the teaching space and place into your bag beside your yoga mat space. The mat spaces are all marked out for you.

The toilet will be available, but please wipe the door handles with the anti-viral spray or the anti-viral wipes provided after use. Please wear a mask to leave the teaching space.

After class you will be asked to use the supplied anti-viral spray to wipe the floor immediately surrounding your mat to ensure its clean for the next student.

The exit will be back to the lobby to collect shoes – please observe social distancing and wear your mask during this time.

Students of classes that have a slightly shorter space between finish and start times (min 30 mins) might be asked to leave via the second door at the far end. Those classes will need to keep their shoes with them. Your tutor will let you know at the point of entry.

There is no need to feel anxious about these requests – it is only what you have been doing in shops, restaurants and public places since the start of the new way of being together. If we all work together, support and help each other we can enjoy our class just as we always have done, and it feels great to be back to ‘in-person’ yoga. A much needed tonic in these difficult times

Please remember that if you are feeling unwell then we advise you do not come to class and follow the government guidelines.

If Government guidelines change then YFH requests will also be updated.