Some Guidelines when attending on-line classes

Although we are now all very used to attending classes/activities/ events on-line there are just few things to mention to make your experience of a yoga class as good as it can be.

Most tutors live streaming their classes via ‘ZOOM’.

It is best to connect via a laptop if you can but ipads/tablets and phones are all useable its just that the screen is smaller and the tutor might be harder for you to see.

Once you have booked your class with the tutor whose class you are attending they will send you the link.

It is advised to join the class in good time, perhaps 10 minutes ahead of the start of the class to check your connection and to make sure your device camera is in a good place so that the tutor can see of much of your mat and you as possible.

Position your device so that your tutor will have a good ‘visual’ of you preferably while lying down as well as standing although sometimes the size of your space may limit this.

Ideally, have a yoga mat, a blanket, some blocks and a belt to hand although adaptations can be made if these are not available to you.

Make sure you clear enough space to move around your mat and that all sharp edged pieces of furniture, ornaments, vases etc all all well out of the way.

Try and find a quiet space in your home if possible.

Please be aware that you need to take responsibility for your own safety. Yoga is about learning to feel, to know ones body and mind and to develop self awareness. Its part of the practise, so please bear that in mind during class attendance and only do what feels right for you.