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Articles of Interest

There are many articles written often very technical and difficult to absorb. One of my favourite tutors Peter Blackaby is a great writer and great speaker who has written a selection of articles. Excellent for yoga teachers, hands on therapists, as well as anyone who is just interested. See some here

Musings with the Movement Man – Stephen Braybrook

Podcasts of conversations, musings and interviews with movement experts about all thing to do with human movement. Read more

Alleviating and managing stress and anxiety

Article and tips by Filomena Duarte read more

Suggested Strategies for transforming distressing emotions through self- observation and inner dialogue.

Content by Filomena Duarte read more

Hasta Mudras

What are they and some examples read more

Malas – what are they and how are they used?

read more

The Chakras – what are they?

read more

Chaos or calm – how to rewire your stress response

An article by Carrie Demers MD – Yoga International Magazine read more

Seamless Breathing for a Quiet Mind | Himalayan Institute

A beautiful article by The Spiritual Director of the Himalayan Institute read more 

yoga book

Julie’s Book Suggestions

There are a multitude of books on the market on the topic of yoga, its history, the postures, how to……. the options are endless and as every yogi knows you can end up buying many many books. I have several favourites that I feel provide a good all round home library. See more