Reiki Treatments and Intuitive Massage

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Monday 5.30pm – 9pm and Thursday lunchtime

Vayia is offering a February promotion of 30% off for a Reiki treatment, £35 instead of £50 for a 1 hour session.

If you’d like to book a session please contact Vayia direct at

A Reiki treatment is a healing treatment that works on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body. Whatever it is you are wanting to heal, release or transform a Reiki treatment will help you with this.

Benefits of Reiki:

  • Relieves you of physical pain
  • Awakens your spiritual power
  • Super relaxes you, aids with stress, tension, sleep
  • Balances your chakras and restores your energetic body
  • Brings acceptance, healing and peace to situations, expectations, trauma, purpose and life
  • Brings a huge feeling of peace.

About Vayia

I am a Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher and Author of ‘Journey To Your Soul Purpose’.
I believe that inside every single human being is a beautiful light, a feeling of great happiness, gratitude and peace. Through life and no fault of our own we can become detached from this beautiful joy inside of us. 

My service is to hold space, offer spiritual knowledge and healing energy to any soul that wishes to reconnect to that light inside of them. Any being looking to heal from the past, gain a deeper spiritual understanding of themselves, life and their purpose in this life time.

I am a Reiki Masters with over 10 years experience of giving treatments and teaching Reiki courses. I spent over 600hour practicing Vipassana (Buddhist) Meditation in the temples of Thailand and I am a 200hour qualified Yoga Teacher.