Hand Made Mala’s for Sale

Exclusive to Yoga for Harmony and made by Carrie Elliott.

Each 108 bead Mala is traditionally hand-knotted with love ‘bhakti’ and patience ‘Kshama’.  Finished off with a silk or cotton tassel and pewter OM decoration.  Malas are beautiful to have, hold and use as an aid to meditation.

Use traditionally to count mantra repetitions; alternatively wear or hang a Mala to enhance your yoga space.

Choose from a selection of sandalwood, lotus-seed, rose, clear or smokey quartz and amethyst.

See examples below, but each will have individual characteristics with tassel variations etc so may vary from those illustrated.

Available to purchase through Yoga for Harmony or contact Carrie at miffy.elliott@mac.com

Amethyst/Purple Tassle – £60

Clear Quartz/Purple Tassle and Thread £40

Clear Quartz/Purple Tassel White Thread £40

Lotus Seed Blond/Mixed Cotton Tassle £35

Sandalwood/Mixed Cotton Tassle £35

Rose Quartz/Purple Tassle £40
Lotus Seed Dark/ Mixed Cotton Tassle £35

Smokey Quartz/ White Tassle £45

Rose Quartz/Red Tassle £40
Aventurine/Red Tassle £40

SmokeyQuartz/ Red Tassle £45