Filomena Duarte

Filomena has been practicing and studying Yoga for over 24 years and teaching since 2000.

Her focus is on inspiring, educating and empowering all who seek to experience their full potential as taught by The Himalayan Institute- A non-profit international leader in the field of yoga, meditation, spirituality and holistic health. As a mission teaching member, Filomena is guided by its Spiritual Director- Dr. Rolf Sovik and its SpIritual Head- Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, together with globally renowned teachers of the core faculty.

She has facilitated retreats, workshops and classes for The British Wheel of Yoga Teachers, Age Concern Carers, Slough Mental Health, Slough Bipolar U.K Support Group, Southwark Youth Services, Adult Education, and, more recently- C.C.G Staff of The N.H.S…..

Themes have included:- ‘Moving inward-Understanding the mind and emotions’; ‘The path to happiness’; ‘How to meditate’; ‘Managing your anxiety…anger…sadness’; ‘A pathway to inner peace’; ‘Free your body, breath and mind’; ‘A practitioner’s guide to The Yoga Sutra’; ‘The essentials of prana and pranayama’; ’10 ways to be at peace with yourself and your world-The Yamas and Niyamas’;.

Prior to beginning her studies in Yoga, she graduated in Psychology with Philosophy, served in Occupational Psychology for over 15 years and then became a full-time Mother!

Now, Filomena’s practice, study and teaching direction is on sharing the  wisdom of Meditation in the Yoga Tradition.

The Project Management of a building project in the mountains of Northern Portugal is her most recent challenge in self-exploration……

For more audios or to enquire about meditation and philosophy classes contact Filomena on:-

Email: or call 07789 275 999