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‘On-line’ with Stephen Braybrook ‘The Movement Man’

January 16 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


The three ‘brains’ (head, heart and gut) and how these relate to movement.

Join Stephen Braybrook, aka The Movement Man, for this fascinating online workshop on the brain-gut-heart connection and how these three ‘brains’ relate to our movement.

Stephen will guide you through how the connections of the brain, gut and heart communicate in a three-way dialogue, with each organ continually influencing the others’ function.

This triad of interactions occurs in four different ways:

  1. Neurologically – through the transmission of nerve impulses
  2. Biochemically – via hormones and neurotransmitters
  3. Biophysically – through pressure waves
  4. Energetically – through electromagnetic field interactions

Along the way we will discover how the brain, gut and heart work independently and learn to recognise some key factors that link them all.

Finally, we will take a journey into how we can recognise early signs of disconnection between our brain, gut and heart and discover strategies to strengthen our connections, enabling us to control our emotions and optimise our movement.

Come along with an open mind and be prepared to understand movement and your yoga practice from a completely different perspective! Brain-Move is suitable for movers, yoga practitioners and teachers from all backgrounds/different styles of yoga and at all levels from beginners through to advanced.

What is Brain-Move?

Brain-Move is a method encompassing mind-brain-body science, providing a set of applied and practical skills that empowers fast, effective change. Ultimately, Brain-Move provides an integrated and innovative approach to educate, test, reset and activate movement patterns from an inside-out based perspective, rather than an outside-in approach. In a nutshell, Brain-Move:

  • Is a modality for changing habits.
  • Is based on Applied Neurology.
  • Opens neurological pathways.
  • Reintegrates the mind-brain-body.
  • Encourages optimisation of movement and function.


About Stephen Braybrook – Movement Expert . Musings with The Movement Podcast Host . Author Creator of Brain-Move

Stephen Braybrook, also known as The Movement Man is a highly qualified and experienced health, fitness and sports professional. Stephen has an MSc in Biomechanics and is renowned and respected around the world as being a movement expert with a difference, as he constantly seeks to push the boundaries of current theories, thinking and understanding to evolve the world of movement into the twenty first century.

With a passion for the study of human movement, optimization and rehabilitation, Stephen is the author of The Evolution of Biomechanics; a book aiming to evolve the way movement practitioners look at, analyse and understand human movement.

Stephen is also the creator of Brain-Move; a unique, revolutionary, fast and highly effective new technique that ‘opens the door’ to movement freedom and tracks the root of movement dysfunction. Stephen is a strong believer in intelligent movement and has a completely fresh perspective in the world of movement.

A self-confessed movement geek he lives and breathes movement and is currently studying for his doctorate degree in education, specialising in movement for learning.


Websites:       brainmoveeducation.com or themovementman.com

Facebook:      brainmoveeducation or movementman

Twitter:          braybrooksj

Instagram:     brain_move_uk

If you are a teacher this workshop is suitable for FRYOG CPD and BWY CPD. Please let me know if you intend to add this session to your ‘points’, I will need to note your attendance in case I am asked to verify your attendance to your teaching body.

This workshop will be recorded, so if you cannot join us on the day, book and you will be able to receive the recording if you let me know after the date of the event.




January 16
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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