Yoga with Caroline

Suitable for all:

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This class covers movement (posture practise known as asana), breathing techniques and relaxation.




Breath awareness

To become aware of your breathing, eventually allowing the breath to become smooth, lengthen and deepen.

Body awareness

Soften, not to end gain or be competitive with yourself or anyone else.
Work mindfully with sensitivity.
Become aware of how the spine responds to the breath.
Importance of the ground – Yield to ground, to reduce tension.

The Yoga Style – Inpired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli

This style of Yoga is non-competitive; it facilitates deep releases on all levels and is accessible to everyone of any age.  This approach fasciliates the experience of space and freedom within body and mind.

The Yoga practise is primarily interested in freeing the breath and spine together with a sense of grounding or yielding to the earth. Focussing on the breath together with an attentive, inquisitive mind, allows you to be kind to yourself and listen to your body’s needs, allowing you to become your own teacher. It is a unique approach for each person, which means ‘one posture fits all’ is not the case.

This approach can facilitate change and can enable you to experience a peaceful space within, thus resulting in a less stressed body/mind, good health and improved posture.


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