Book Recommendations

These are currently my favourites for all sorts of reasons but not in any special order. All have different qualities and approaches but are my ‘go to’s’.
Intelligent Yoga by Peter Blackaby

In Intelligent Yoga, Peter Blackaby describes his humanistic approach to yoga, firmly rooted in the here and now and underpinned by scientific research. In this second edition, he seeks to distance himself further from the biomechanical view of the body, revealing instead his more integrative perspective, focused on the neurological basis for movement and on the relationships between things. Rather than approaching yoga as an exercise system, it is seen here as a tool for self-exploration. 

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Awakening the Spine by Vanda Scaravelli

For more than twenty-five years, until her death at the age of 91, Vanda Scaravelli was transforming bodies and lives with her innovative approach to yoga through the proper alignment of the spine. She listened to the body and worked with instead of against it. She used gravity, grounding, and breath to achieve dramatic improvements in health and well-being.

Scaravelli reminds readers that: “if you are kind to your body, it will respond in an incredible way.” Awakening the Spine offers a gentle way to achieve and maintain overall health and a naturally supple spine at any age.

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Functional Anatomy of Yoga by David Keil

David Keil is both an authority on the subject of anatomy and a skilled yoga teacher and practitioner. He has been presenting the subject of anatomy in a way that is interesting, meaningful, and applicable to teachers and students alike since 2000.

Written with a conversational tone, his book delivers the complex subject of human anatomy in a way that is both provocative and clear. Beautifully illustrated throughout with colour images and photographs to clearly explain the concepts and asanas, Functional Anatomy of Yoga will assist you in reaching new heights in your yoga practice using the ‘laboratory’ of the body and the tools of yoga asana.

Functional Anatomy of Yoga is a rare gem. This book enables both the casual reader and the seasoned practitioner to understand and implement the anatomical structure and function of the body in yoga.

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Yoga the Iyengar Way

A lavishly illustrated yoga book–a step-by-step guide to the Iyengar yoga method. Although this is not the style I am now practising it was my first ever book purchase and gives great illustrations of poses and the basic approach to poses together with some general yoga principles and philosophies.

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The Art of Joyful Living

Recommended to my by my colleague Filomena who knows much about yoga philosophy and meditation.The Yoga Sutras for anyone who is not a Philosopher/or interlectual/scholar – everyday language that we can all relate to!

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